Educational services

At Swan Education, we integrate educational neuroscience with the Montessori method to provide early childhood (3 through 6 years old) educational services.

In the context of all of these services, Swan Mai works with all of her students to:

  • Improve connections with others

  • Enhance independent thinking and creativity

Early childhood educational program

Services for child care centers that need help developing or integrating a world-class education program in operation, providing exceptional values to everyone. See more...

Individualized services

Services for parents with children who might benefit from the individualized attention of a specialist who integrates the Montessori curriculum with educational neuroscience techniques. See more...

Classroom consulting

Services for teachers who would like positive and non-threatening support to improve classroom dynamics while incorporating flexible strategies and educational neuroscience techniques into existing Montessori curricula.

  • Classroom assessment and the development of strategies for teachers

  • Services for any public, charter, or independent school that needs help setting up Montessori classrooms or incorporating the Montessori philosophy and methodology into existing curriculum

  • See more...

Montessori home environment/home-school enrichment

Services for parents that are (or would like to begin) using the Montessori approach to home-school their children, but need help developing a Montessori curriculum and setup. See more...

Additional services

Work with children to address learning issues associated with Pragmatic Language, Sensory Integration, ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia. Swan is fully equipped to discuss the best strategies to address these issues at the appropriate levels. Refer to Swan’s consultant profile for her credentials and experience in these areas. See more...