Individualized services

Individual tutoring

What better way to provide your child with the extra support that he or she needs than by engaging a reputable Montessori/educational neuroscience specialist?

Individualized attention, consistent progress, love of learning

Individual tutoring is perhaps the best way to provide your child with exclusive, focused educational attention. With individual tutoring, your child:
  • Receives tailored lessons that foster emotional and intellectual growth

  • Strengthens specific academic areas, including reading, number sense, creative writing, and penmanship

  • Engages all five senses in the learning process, inspiring his or her innate curiosity and interest in discovery of new experiences

  • Assumes ownership of his or her learning

  • Enhances his or her ability to empathize and to think independently and creatively

Small group sessions

A small group session of two to four children is an excellent way to facilitate both empathy and independent thinking. The children learn how to work together, cooperatively, in a respectful way.

Cooperation, empathy, teamwork

Children tend to learn best from one another. During small group sessions facilitated by a Montessori/educational neuroscience specialist, children:
  • Learn the dynamics of teamwork, including leading by teaching others, thus reinforcing old and new concepts

  • Enhance their ability to empathize and think independently and creatively, within the context of a group

  • Engage all five senses in the learning process, inspiring the children's innate interest in discovery

  • Assume ownership of their learning

  • Help nurture each child’s social, emotional, and intellectual growth

As a result of the application of Montessori and educational neuroscience techniques through one-on-one tutoring or small group sessions, students show measurable, consistent progress toward goals.

Where to start?

It is essential for us to first identify specific areas of educational assistance your child or children can benefit from. Once these requirements are identified, we can choose an appropriate service level and location. Service can take place at school, at a neighborhood library, or at a safe, mutually approved, child-friendly residence.


Contact Swan for a free telephone consultation, during which she can answer any questions you may have (see Contact Us.) Next, a brief meeting (also free of charge) can be arranged where Swan can meet both you and your child or children and discuss appropriate service options.


Take your first step toward seeing dramatic improvements in your child’s or children's educational achievement and attitude about learning!