Classroom consultation

Montessori + educational neuroscience = successful classroom

We have all been in classroom situations where order quickly descends into chaos because of unanticipated circumstances. Imagine what an experienced Montessori/educational neuroscience specialist can do to bring order to the proceedings, enabling you to accomplish your most ambitious goals while attending to other urgent matters.

Swan Mai has extensive experience employing the Montessori method and integrated educational neuroscience techniques in the classroom. Swan’s former teaching colleagues enthusiastically recommend her always-practical suggestions and thoughtful, encouraging, hands-on assistance. Bringing Swan Mai into your classroom to support teachers in a positive, non-threatening way can improve classroom dynamics, bringing out the best in both your teachers and their students.

During a classroom consultation, Swan is fully qualified to perform the following functions:
  • Work one-on-one or in small groups with children who have learning issues associated with Pragmatic Language, Sensory Integration, ADD, ADHD, or Dyslexia, freeing up teachers’ time to attend to other pressing classroom needs. (Swan is fully equipped to discuss the best strategies to address these issues at the appropriate levels. Refer to Swan’s consultant profile for her credentials and experience in these areas.)

  • Assess and assist with normalization of the class

  • Apply educational neuroscience techniques, in specific situations, in accordance with the Montessori philosophy. More info...

  • Enhance children’s abilities to empathize and think independently and creatively as they perform daily classroom activities

As a result of the application of Montessori and integrated educational neuroscience techniques inside the classroom, teachers and students improve their teaching and learning effectiveness and consistently progress toward their educational goals.

Where to start?

It is essential for us to first identify specific areas of educational assistance your classroom and children can benefit from. Contact Swan for a free telephone consultation, during which she can answer any questions you may have (see Contact Us.) If appropriate, a brief meeting can be arranged where Swan can meet and become familiar with both you and your students and discuss various service options.


Take your first step toward seeing dramatic improvements in the effectiveness and efficiency of your classroom by contacting Swan Education for a free classroom consultation.